INCO Industria Colori was born in 1987 on the surrounding hills of Pavullo Nel Frignano (Modena), only a few kilometers away from Sassuolo, the most famous ceramic district in the world. It is the result of an idea brought to life from the minds of a few friends with the intention to transform more than twenty years of ceramic experience in an exciting new challenge.

The first batch of brown pigment was produced at the end of 1988, from a small muffle. However, it was only the beginning of a specialized production of inorganic ceramic pigments.

In 1992, the specialization extended to the production of precious metals —commonly identified as “third fire lusters” in a wide chromatic range— that provided the business with great national and foreign success.
Still in 1992, the great success of the first few years brought to light Inco’s first foreign production site: India.

A few years later, the expansion of the Italian production site became necessary.

That is why in 1997, the new headquarters, comprising offices, a research center, laboratories and a large and modern production plant of inorganic pigments, were built in Montebonello on the surrounding hills of Pavullo Nel Frignano, where it still stands today.

This production plant for cutting-edge inorganic pigments includes several muffles and various rotary kilns for the calcination of pigments, several air, and ball mills, and various mixers.

In 2005, the second foreign production site was founded in Russia thanks to the great international success.

In 2009, Inco chose to evolve itself and differentiate the products that had been offered up until then, following the digitalization of the ceramic sector. To do so, the company developed the first digital ceramic inks.
From this moment on, we have an ink production plant flanked by a center of technical and graphic assistance ready to support customers throughout the change of technology.

The manufacturing plant for the production of ceramic inks has advanced equipment—which is continuously evolving—, and it now has a production capacity of over 1800 tons/year.

In the following years, distribution plants for the storage of ceramic inks are located in different countries all over the world:
in 2012 in India; in 2017 in Vietnam; in 2018 in Mexico.

The aim is providing high-quality products, just in time and with specialized and ongoing technical and graphic assistance.

Today, Inco is a global reality that can support and serve customers in over 35 Countries around the World, and that is still growing.

In 2019, Italy’s Headquarters starts its expansion. This will provide an even more large area to broaden the production of both inorganic pigments and digital ceramic inks, as well as of the research center, laboratories, and administrative offices.


  • 1987: Foundation of Inco Industria Colori Srl;
  • 1988: First production of pigment in muffle;
  • 1992: Production of third fire lusters;
  • 1992: Inco production site in India;
  • 1997: New Headquarters, research center, modern production plant for inorganic pigments;
  • 2005: ‘Rincolor’ production site – Inco Russia (OOO Rincolor);
  • 2009: Ink production plant;
  • 2009: First production of inorganic ceramic inks, graphic/design assistance;
  • 2012: Distribution and storage facility for technical and graphic assistance in India;
  • 2013: Transfer to Inco Industria Colori S.p.A.;
  • 2017: Distribution and storage facility for technical and graphic assistance in Vietnam;
  • 2018: Distribution and storage facility for technical and graphic assistance in Mexico;
  • 2019: Headquarters expansion – Research Center and production plant in Pavullo Nel Frignano



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