Inco offers unique products for ceramic decorations, as well as inorganic pigments for various applicative sectors.
It offers products with a long history, known since the prehistoric period and have spread over the centuries in geographical areas -which are even very distant from each other-, and that accompany the history of the evolution of civilization.
Products that we have made technologically advanced, of high quality and that, contribute to enriching and giving value to the productions of our customers.

Inco was born over thirty years ago among the green hills located a few kilometers far from the Italian ceramic district. Today, we can still find the headquarters and the corporate research center there. We are very attached to our land. We have a deep respect for the environment, and much of our work aims to develop sustainable products for its conservation. We base our work not only on discipline, commitment, enthusiasm, passion, and innovation but also on the strength and development of our skills first, as well as of our product.


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