Grits are vitreous materials which are applied on ceramic tiles to give aesthetic, structural and in some cases protective effects to the ceramic surface itself. They have always been applied traditionally, through screen printing or with airbrush or similar tools. Until the digital advent, grits were coated with glue on the whole tile surface with an airbrush or similar machines, while decorated grits were applied by gluing them with screen printing on an established image.

During these last few years, thanks to the digitalization of the sector, it is possible to apply grits on the surface of tiles with the digital ceramic glue. Thanks to the digital application of glue, now grits can be applied with well-defined shapes synchronized with the graphic to reach refined, various, and infinite effects. In addition, the digital glue allows to apply dry grits on the whole surface of tiles in a very accurate way, giving a high flawless uniformity even for mirror polishing.

Inco Industria Colori, pioneer of ceramic decorations, has selected a wide range of grits, both for traditional and digital application.

We offer several types of grits: for third-firing, coating & flooring. These have different technical characteristics which allow to produce very natural surfaces — selected to develop colour and give value to digital graphic, which also have a high scratch and acid-resistance.

  • Grits with different particle size ranges and coefficient of expansion to reach the best possible result.
  • Different grits for different aesthetic effects: from glossy transparent to matt semi-transparent, glossy white, matt white and then polished at the end.

Find out about our complete catalogue. Ask information. We will be happy to test it in your working cycle!

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