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    Inco Industria Colori is already 35 years old, all IN COlours

    INCO has been producing and developing inorganic pigments, which have always been the heart of technology & innovation of this company since 1987. We have digitized, we have grown, we have evolved, just to get to the point where we have production units in Italy, India & Russia. Furthermore, technical-graphic assistance & storage distribution plants […]

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    INGLASS products for the decoration of flat glass presented in preview at Cersaie

    To honor the special occasion of “the International Cersaie 2021 Fair “, we proudly present to you “INGLASS“! INGLASS is Inco’s brand-new line of products, developed for the decoration of float glass: a brand-new range of dyes able to cover all possible color ranges for the best high-specific color result. They have been designed to […]

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    New chromaticity: pigments and inks for infinite aesthetic possibilities

    For Inco, colour has always been the cornerstone on which to base research and develop new products. Color has always been one of the most important and characterizing elements for the ceramic sector and thanks to which it is possible to create productions that stand out for their authenticity and depth. Inco presents two brand […]

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    Inco’s B.Cliin Antibacterial Solution

    Inco presents B.Cliin to the market: a silver-based antibacterial solution for tile manufacturing with the integrated and permanent property to stop and destroy the spread of bacterial colonies. A solution that remains active throughout the tile’s entire life cycle, without it being altered through time or from external elements; effective both with and without UV […]

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    Inks with a high solid content. More colour, greater sustainability

    Inco Industria Colori was founded in Italy more than thirty years ago as a producer of inorganic pigments for the ceramic sector. Over the years, the company has grown, evolved and digitalised its production processes in step with the development of the ceramic industry, introducing new ranges of inks alongside its pigment lines. Now more […]

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    Oxides for ceramics

    Inco’s range of products includes colouring oxides suitable both for glazes and the production of inks. In fact, Inco was born over thirty years ago as an inorganic pigments producer and developed important competences that make it possible to offer clients modern products, which are customised on the basis of each client’s needs. Inco Industria […]

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    Inco Industria Colori has reopened

    We are pleased to announce that Inco Industria Colori has reopened. The decrease in contagions, makes us hopeful for the future, but we must not let our guard down! For this reason, in respect of anti-coronavirus measures, we will continue to keep all safety procedures active in order to protect the health of our collaborators: […]

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    Press Release: Temporary Stop

    Unfortunately, as we all know the whole world is dealing with Coronavirus pandemic. A surreal situation that has spread worldwide. Today, everybody has the right and duty to give priority to the safeguard of their own health and the one of the community where we live in. In order to protect its collaborators’ health, Inco […]

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    INCO supports the University-Hospital Polyclinic of Modena

    Inco Industria Colori adheres to the support of Modena’s healthcare, contributing to the fundraising destined to face the medical emergency underway due to Covid-19. Modena healthcare companies are at the forefront of crisis management. The Modena Local Health Authority guarantees assistance on the territory and in peripheral hospitals, also in collaboration with the Sassuolo Hospital, […]

  • Inco Industria Colori SpA, full production, sales and services. Coronavirus containment measures active

    Below is the press release from Inco Industria Colori SpA regarding the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) which, as is known, is affecting the whole of Italy. Inco Industria Colori SpA is closely following all the directives of the Authorities in order to adopt the appropriate containment measures. We confirm that Inco Industria Colori SpA is […]