News from the ceramic sector

News, market trends, fairs, and events in the ceramic sector. Trends and fashions of ceramic tiles: from technical features, to design, to architectural use. Stay always up to date on the new products on the market: raw materials, ceramic pigments, digital ceramic inks, digital materials, grits, and much more. Stay Tuned!

Always close to our customers

We have been our customers' strategic partners, for over thirty years, thanks to a modular penetration in their activities:

  • Advice to choose the perfect color
  • Creative inspiration for the ceramic industries
  • After-sales service

Inco is, therefore, able to satisfy its customers from the moment it sales its finished product (including other ceramic colour manufacturers) up to the extreme color or assistance customization during the printing processes.

Inco's skills

Continuous improvement, personal growth, technology and innovation

We work across the entire value chain to make high-performance products. Continuous improvement and our problem-solving abilities lead us to become strategic partners for our customers. Research & Development, cutting-edge machinery and tools, development of skills, and personal growth are company pillars that allow us to reach significant goals.

Core: Ceramic industry

We were born over thirty years ago as producers of inorganic pigments for the ceramic sector. We have grown, changed, and digitalized hand in hand with the ceramic industry. The initial "know-how," —both chemical and ceramic—, and the skills acquired over the years allow us to develop innovative products and solutions that provide our customers with unique and valuable added value.

Inco and the environment

We have always tried to develop eco-friendly products, which are increasingly sustainable and can contribute to the conservation of our planet. In collaboration with Universities, Research Centers, relevant Ceramics Groups and installers we have been working for several years on the development of products not only characterized by a low olfactometric impact but also by low emission levels of organic substances in the atmosphere. Our must is to develop products which not only are always more improved from a sustainable and environmental point of view but also in an extremely high performing technical way.