Technical assistance / graphics / design

Our graphic department always works in close synergy with the research and development laboratory and with the technical-commercial assistance department to create ceramic products with cutting-edge technical and aesthetic characteristics. We select, basing on the materials already in use among our customers, the best products, and the highest added value, which give their products unmatched quality. We have important collaborations with installers that allow us to make the best use of our products and develop their full potential.

The internal graphic design studio carries out projects in collaboration with the best graphic and architectural studios to offer our customers new ideas and new market trends. For example, they show them how to give volume, vitality, and naturalness to ceramic productions.

We follow our customers in the development and aesthetic choice of the products to be made; furthermore also in their development and industrial performance. We guarantee specialized graphic and technical assistance in every part of the world, to support our customers in the development of innovative products with high value, not only technical but also aesthetic.