R&D raw material & ceramic decorations

What we produce has always been developed in our research center. Inco’s research and development laboratory is in Italy, and it was born and raised together with Inco.

What do we do?
We assess the needs of our customers and develop products that meet specific needs, and that can add value to their products.
  Through a scientific, systematic, and meticulous approach, we identify the properties, the value of a new product and develop it starting from the choice of the best performing raw materials.We use advanced scientific equipment and co-operate with prestigious universities, research centers, and major plant engineers so that we can study thoroughly, but also test all our new products under industrial conditions and beforehand. We develop new products to guarantee first of all excellent performance, quality, and consistency.

Something vitally important, other than the formulation, are also the evaluation and definition of all internal production processes and the related technical quality checks that guarantee quality and consistency. It is for this reason that accurate SOPs- Standard Operating Procedures – are developed during the phase of research; With which to characterize each product, in order to ensure all quality and technical requirements.