ICGP System
Flat Glass Decorating Colours

Designed for a wide variety of glass applications: architectural, household appliances, automotive, interiors, such as shower screens, glass partitions, glass furniture, doors, and showcases.

  • Extremely versatile — thanks to our 13 basic 5 metallic colorsthat cover every single coloring range and perform the bestchromatic result ever
  • They are easily washable with water, therefore water friendly
  • Low odour
  • Excellent abrasion resistance after drying
  • Excellent abrasion resistance after tempering glass
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents
  • Excellent light resistance
  • Excellent heat- resistance
  • Designed for on-glass application, they must be fired at the usual temperature for glass tempering and bending
  • ICGP colors are heavy metal-free and do not contain intentional additions of Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), and Hexavalent Chromium (Cr+6) as per RoHS regulations
  • Based on the countless tests on the resistance evaluation with alkalis, sulfide, acids (hydrochloric, acetic, sulfuric, citric) have excellent behaviors and they turn out with very similar color intensity to colors containing lead
  • Several technical and quality checks
  • Abiding tone from batch to batch without colour drift

Customized color options

A reserved area in which you can get the perfect formula for any desired color in color matching systems:

  • RAL
  • NCS
  • Pantone
  • Any colour chart

Special colour decorative glass paints

The range of decorative Inco glass paints in addition to the 13 basic colors, heavy metal-free, with which it is possible to obtain all the color ranges of the RAL, Pantone, and NCS color matching systems, includes special dyes, based on Cadmium and Selenium.

These special colors based on Cadmium Selenium allow us to obtain all the tones from a deep yellow to deep red moving through all the shades of orange, purple, amaranth pink.

The special colors also include Bismuth-Based Colors with high coverage and excellent acid resistance.

Methods of application of decorative paints for Inco glass

Inco’s ICGP series products have been developed with high viscosity to allow the regulation of viscosity on-site before application by the customer and thus allow various methods of application:

The roller application allows you to apply a variable amount of enamel, depending on the width of the roller, the type of roller, and the pressure applied, as well as the viscosity of the paste applied. It is necessary to make sure to dry the glass before tempering. The roller can be washed easily with water after its use.
The spray application allows you to minimize as much as possible the amount of product you would like to use. The overall thickness result depends on the spraying pressure, the spraying time, and the viscosity of the applied product. It can be unlimitedly applied, is washable with water, and can be air-dried.
Screen printing
The silk-screen printing application allows us to apply a thick paste based on the viscosity of the applied product and the number of meshes on the screen. The size obviously relates proportionally according to the screen dimension. Drying is recommended before tempering the glass.
The veil application allows us to apply a more significant amount of product. The thickness is conditioned by the viscosity of the product itself and the time spent in order to apply it. It is washable with water and it is very important to make sure everything is dry before tempering the glass.

Different application sectors

Inco decorative glass paints are designed for a wide variety of glass applications, including architectural, household appliances, automotive, interior.


Inco’s ICGP automotive paints comply with the strictest quality standards in thermal resistance both chemical and mechanical. They have a very high optical density, and therefore an exceptional coverage with excellent glass performance. Thanks to their features 100% heavy metal-free & water washability during the application phase, they are to be considered eco-friendly. They are easy to apply and guarantee excellent performance.

Interior Design

The Line of Inco Decorative Paints for Interior Design Glass includes 13 matt colors and 5 metallic ones, all miscible to obtain any tint of the RAL, NCS, and Pantone color matching systems. We offer different solutions for roller, veil, screen printing, or spray applications.


The range of decorative paints for architectural glass is characterized by excellent strength, in line with the strictest regulations in the industry. Designed to comply with the technical regulations of the sector and respond to architectural aesthetic requests. It consists of 13 matt base colors and 5 metallic ones that can be mixed to obtain all possible colours. They can be used for roller, veil, screen printing, or spray depending on the customer’s needs.

Household appliance

The range of decorative glass paints for household appliances and consumer electronics use is based on the 13 basic colors and 4 metallized most requested by the market, but offers the possibility to obtain any color on request. The paint, designed for this specific application, is reliable and enduring over time: excellent coverage, excellent chemical resistance. It does not create any health risk and does not harm the environment by being completely heavy metal-free and being water washable during the application phase. It also offers the possibility of the bismuth-based color range for high acid resistance.


  • Abrasion resistance ISO 1096-2 (Annex E)
  • Resistance to acids and bases ISO 10545-13
  • Sulphide resistance ASTM C77
  • Flexural strength ISO 10545-4
  • Linear thermal expansion coefficient ASTM E228 – by Tamb. up to 100°C
  • Thermal shock (-40 to 90°C) ISO 10545-9


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