Whiteners for ceramic bodies

A white ceramic body is always a synonym of beauty and quality. White ceramic bodies owe their colour to the choice of raw materials – clays, sands, feldspar – without iron or other impurities. Sometimes ceramic bodies may keep a light yellow or grey colour, despite the meticulous choice made on raw materials. In other cases, it is not even possible to use sands or clays that are entirely free from impurities. Although it is possible to obtain a white body using specific whiteners.

Inco’s whiteners are perfectly studied to make ceramic bodies whiter avoiding to change the characteristics of the final product: water absorption and dimensional stability. In addition, Inco’s whiteners make ceramic bodies’ colourimetric-colouring more clean and pure by adding pigments. The quality of the final product is high and constant.

Due to our sensibility towards the radioactivity issue, we offer whiteners for ceramic bodies with radioactivity levels that do not exceed 2.5 Bq/kg, according to the restrictions imposed by some non-EU health and environmental authorities.

Inco’s whiteners are appropriately studied and formulated on demand and depending on the characteristics of starting bodies in Inco’s research center in Italy. In accordance and cooperation with our clients, we work to obtain the best performing result in step with their needs and expectations, by providing both technical and economical service. Thanks to highly qualified technicians, Inco helps its clients during the manufacturing and developing process. This means that Inco provides 24/7 assistance. Inco provides its service even after the manufacturing process, and in case of significant changes of starting raw materials.

Would you like to get your ceramic body whitened? We can help you!

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