We listen to our customers and make tailor-made products that meet specific needs. We sew our products on every customer like we were tailors. The satisfaction of our customers is always in first place, which is why we have made the “Taylor made concept” one of our most important values.

In agreement with the customer, we define the technical conditions of use, and we develop ad hoc products – we use the raw materials, cycles and cooking temperatures desired by the customer – thanks to the pilot plants we are equipped with. Indeed, they allow us to have a simulation of the whole production process requested by the client. Based on the same principle, we, therefore, guarantee controls in the production phase to obtain consistency of use and unmatched quality.

The “Taylor Made concept” accompanies us since the beginning: from the first production of inorganic pigments for ceramic glaze, up to today because it continues to be one of our most important values, for example in the development of digital ceramic materials.

Digital ceramic materials, thanks also to the wide range of effects now on the market, make it possible to give the ceramic piece particular effects which add the products an important technical and aesthetic value. In order to achieve maximum performance, both technical and aesthetic, it is necessary to set up the ceramic production with these digital material inks responding to the customer’s technical conditions.

Depending on the glazes, engobe, temperature or cooking cycle used, digital materials can have different technical and aesthetic effects.

For example, a shiny ink in certain cases can be perfect, while in some others it can disappear and not be seen, or it can even create a black heart. Another case in point involves the white ink: in some situations, it may be perfect, in some others, it may be not very covering, or it could appear refractory.

For this reason, it is fundamental, now more than ever, to test the products in the conditions desired by the customer to guarantee top performance and consistency.