Over 500 m2 of laboratories with technologically advanced equipment where we study, develop, perform, apply, control, and guarantee our products.
Over 20 highly qualified technicians, continuously trained with frequent and diversified specialized courses, work daily for our customers.
Different laboratories, for traditional technology and digital technology, with different specializations:

  • Research and development of new products;
  • Pre-shipment: Before creating and shipping our products, we evaluate and develop them with the customer, based on their needs;
  • Production control: we check the quality of outgoing products with reference to the accepted pre-shipment;
  • Technical sales assistance: we help our customers to choose the product that best suits their needs;
  • Post-sale technical assistance: we help our customers in the use or application of our products;
  • Graphic assistance: We support our customers in the graphic choices, we help them in the profiling and management of color and graphics so as to obtain excellent results on the final products.