Additives for ceramic decoration

Among Inco’s ceramic decoration products that have been selected, throughout the years, you can find a wide range of additives:

Fluidifying additives for ceramic bodies, slips, glazes, and engobes
a range of products – mainly polyacrylates – that work to reduce viscosity and limit the flow;
range of products which allow to solve the problem of foaming if added in small amounts – for both slips and glazes;
Binders for mixtures
specifically studied products designed to help to press or extrusion ceramic mixtures;
Binders for glazes
wide range of binders, thickeners and rheology modifiers used to strengthen the adhesive hold between support, slip and glaze, and increase their resistance to glaze pouncing; improve drying time and allow us to obtain a smooth and uniform surface.
Levelling agents
range of products that allow us to have a perfect ceramic coating application to obtain qualitatively high final results;
Suspending agents
range of products studied to reduce the tendency of separation between solid and liquid state of glazes and engobes to make them homogeneous;
Preservatives/antibacterial agents
They guarantee the preservation of every kind of mixture and ceramic paste;
Temporary dyes
organic colours for glazes, bodies and screen printing easily dispersible;
range of products that reduce water evaporation and act on waterproof glazes;
range of products able to clean every kind of chemical, ceramic ink off from all digital machines on the market, without affecting their components;
Stand-by liquid
range of products studied to maintain – and preserve from damages – digital machines and printheads during their period of non-use.

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