Self-production of ceramic inks

A revolution in the ceramic world. Making inks has never been easier than that! You can become a ceramic digital ink manufacturer!

Why should a ceramic industry choose the auto production of Inco inks?

  • We guarantee high quality and no problem with deadlines;
  • We guarantee affordability and a return on investment in a few months;
  • We guarantee logistical advantages and reduced storage stocks;
  • We guarantee complete know-how of the technology and continuous updates for free;
  • We guarantee no processing loss;
  • We guarantee certifications and warranty on the printheads and digital machines used;
  • We guarantee that the ceramic inks produced can be used by any head or digital printer present on the market.

We know the ceramic world, and we are perfectly aware that it is essential, for a ceramic industry, to maintain above all a constancy of tones between different productions and the quality of ceramic products as well. This is why our first concern is to guarantee high quality products to self-producers and unparalelled consistency over time. The ideal supply of inks in kegs or little tanks is subject to aging and expiration. This means that due to the aging of the inks caused by the time elapsed between the production and their use, there is undoubtedly a drift of tones with consequent problems on the final quality of the tiles. For this reason, we set ourselves the quality as a first aim.

We guarantee unmatched consistency and quality in the inks we produced thanks to a constant monitoring of the quality of the raw materials which are necessary for the self-production of inks. Furthermore, we provide our customers with all the scientific equipment necessary to perform precise quality controls. We know that quality is not enough, which is why we also guarantee significant economic savings. Savings are so high that they can guarantee a return on the investment of the production plant and the respective quality laboratory purchased only a few months earlier. We develop tailor-made solutions, with different sizes and volumes of products, depending on the needs of every single customer. Should you wish to approach the subject possessing small capacity production realities, you have to keep in mind that a subsequent expansion of the plant is still possible.

The advantages of self-production can also be perceived in the logistics and during storage. As a matter of fact, through the supply of a few pigments and only two solvents, which are not subject to expiry or deterioration, it is possible to produce a wide range of inks, even in shades perfectly tailored for each customer. Restoring warehouse stockpiles has never been easier than that. We guarantee our customers our complete technological know-how for free. We do so through our training made in Inco first, and in the ceramic factory, afterwards. Thank to that, we allow our customer to perform ink productions with extreme ease and without any problem. We give H24 remote technical support for any doubt. And finally, we carry out regular updating training sessions, entirely for free.

We teach you how to manage the entire production of a ceramic ink without any quantitative loss of product, unlike what happens when you use the classic 5-liter tanks, which factually do not allow the full exploitation of the ink contained inside them since a small percentage inevitably remains unused. A small percentage of ink that however results in several kilograms of inks representing an important economic value at the end of the year. We guarantee certifications on all digital printers present on the market and waveforms that have been optimized for each ink according to the print head in use. For this reason, we assure our customers the maintenance of the existing warranties on the heads and digital printers in their possession.

Making inks has never been easier than that! Come into full possession of all ceramic technology, assure yourself quality and savings.
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