Research & Development

Inco’s research objective is not only to develop.
High-performing products under a technical point of view, but always also ecologically and environmentally improving.

Whether they are pigments, inks, third-firing lusters or other.

In the last few years, in addition to the normal resources used to develop increasingly sustainable products, a lot of energy has been used to digitize the ceramic sector.

In fact, with the digitalisation of the Ceramics sector, problems have arisen mainly relating to olfactometric problems in the population adjacent to ceramic production plants, mainly in Italy. Since the dawn, Inco, has always been sensitive to this topic and has invested huge sums to try to develop products that solve the highlighted problem.

Inco from the beginning has carried out two lines of research for the development of ceramic inkjet inks: ecological solvent base and water base. Years of research, studies, pilot tests and industrial audits.

Research Center
Thanks to the ceramic pilot ovens located in Inco’s research center, in Pavullo Nel Frignano (Modena), and to a long process of modifications and optimizations, we first tried to find a technical-scientific correspondence with the industrial ceramic furnaces and the fumes that are generated in the firing phase of the ceramic piece—mainly in the preheating phase—.

Once we have found this important correspondence, with the help of prestigious universities and certified external studies, we have analyzed hundreds of tests developed in our research center. Both water based and solvent based. Analyzed under both perspectives: emissions put into the atmosphere during the firing of the ceramic piece, and odour given off during cooking.

The Spring inks series, the subsequent and improved HSC – High Solid Content Spring series and the water based Winxs ink series were born out of years of research and testing.

We are however in continuous research and evolution. We develop new products every day, based on our experience gained throughout the years, to continuously improve.