A New Message in INCO: We Inspire Your Business

Inco Industria Colori SPA renews its “Look & Feel” with a re-branding activity to show its new identity, values, and skills, acting as an inspiring reference for the business of its customers, as highlighted by the claim mentioned in the new message: “We Inspire Your Business”.

We Inspire Your Business

Today Inco has over 30 years of experience and offers unique options to the global market for ceramic decorations and inorganic pigments, for multiple sectors and applications.
Inco has always distinguished itself thanks to its advanced technology, and development of innovative products, with high quality and customization in accordance with the individual customer’s demands . All this is summed up in the new Pay-Off: “Color Innovation Industry” .

Colour Innovation Industry

Inco has production facilities in: Italy, where the headquarter and the research center are located; India and Russia, as well as distribution facilities for the storage of ceramic inks in Mexico and Vietnam. Today Inco is able to serve and support customers in over 35 countries in the world, thanks to its technical and commercial assistance.

“The growth and internationalization of the company has led to the need to carry out a re-branding – comments Dr. Anna Lami, who adds – Inco therefore renews its way of communicating its identity, personality, culture and style, capability, ecological awareness, historicity, know-how and tradition. The areas involved in this process include: logo, pay-off, claim, communication, website, applications on online and offline channels.”

The Logo represents an evolution of the previous one-with all its history and experience, testifying to the continuous service and professional quality that Inco wants to guarantee today as well as in the future.- The new brand has been simplified: simple and clear shapes to strengthen the historical value of the brand, but at the same time projecting it to nowadays.

The new website has undergone a technological upgrade and a new information architecture that places significant values and competitive advantages at the center, such as research and development, technology, creativity, and experience. Rich in texts, images, and videos of the company and its products, it aims to inform its customers but also to confirm and strengthen their trust.

The unstoppable spread of new communication channels has led the company to open and develop new social networks, to promote knowledge and culture of the ceramic sector.

Social Networks are a precious channel that allow us to give visibility to our messages and reach the interlocutors in every part of the world, just think of the 3.5 billion social users in 2019, on the most congenial social media for each and one of us, therefore we have opened new channels and set up an editorial plan for the transmission of content.

“The announcement for the new Inco communication-message has been scheduled close to one of the main events in the ceramics sector, the CERSAIE – declares Dr. Angelo Lami, President Inco, which continues – On the occasion of the International Ceramics Event that will be held in Bologna from September 23rd to the 27th, we will bring numerous products and news, the new channels will be important to spread and convey all the news we will present».

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