Inco Industria Colori is already 35 years old, all IN COlours

INCO has been producing and developing inorganic pigments, which have always been the heart of technology & innovation of this company since 1987. We have digitized, we have grown, we have evolved, just to get to the point where we have production units in Italy, India & Russia.

Furthermore, technical-graphic assistance & storage distribution plants in Mexico. A Global technical, commercial, and graphic assistance able to serve and support customers in over 35 countries worldwide.

The core business of the ceramic sector brings forward a wide range of refinement specs like pigments, ink pigments, inks, third fire pigments, grits, engobes & glazes, decorative additives, and whitening agents for raw ingredients and admixtures.

According to Production Director Alessandro Bellei, “The biggest change that we can find each year, is on how much we increasingly focus our attention on the quality of our product.
Today’s Market gameplay is all about the service and quality of the product. This implies substantial investments under the Development & Research prospective, especially when it comes to using High-Tech, and accurately choosing raw material and suppliers.”

Pigments, inks and paint are available today and created by Inco with specific solutions also for other business sectors — for flat glass (branded INGLASS), for the construction industry, mainly for shingle and pantile colorway (INCO ROOFS), for the plastics industry and wall paint— .

“35 Years is an important milestone to celebrate for a company. Looking back, It feels good to recall those early sacrifices, but also remember all the multiple fulfillments. We are
proud of the path we have taken and of what INCO is today. This is an opportunity to thank customers, suppliers, collaborators and the territory that has been our home for years.”
— INCO’s President Dr. Angelo Lami —

On July 22nd, in the occasion of our 35th Anniversary, we will be hosting an event at our Headquarters in Pavullo Nel Frignano (Modena), with our employees and their families, to give thanks and celebrate together.

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