Oxides for ceramics

Inco’s range of products includes colouring oxides suitable both for glazes and the production of inks.

In fact, Inco was born over thirty years ago as an inorganic pigments producer and developed important competences that make it possible to offer clients modern products, which are customised on the basis of each client’s needs.

Inco Industria Colori boasts modern inorganic inks plants located in Italy, India and Russia, consisting of:

  • raw materials mixers, for dry and wet mixing;
  • drying rooms;
  • discontinuous calcining kilns (muffles);
  • rotary kilns for continuous calcination;
  • wet grinding mills;
  • air-jet grinding mills;
  • oxides colours mixers.

Inco produces a wide range of oxide colours, including:

  • golden yellow oxide colour;
  • turquoise oxide colour;
  • coral pink oxide colour;
  • selenium red oxide colour;
  • cadmium yellow oxide colour;
  • blue oxide colour;
  • cyan oxide colour;
  • black oxide colour;
  • pink oxide colour;
  • beige oxide colour;
  • red brown oxide colour;
  • dark brown oxide colour;
  • grey oxide colour.

… and many others.

  Colour   Description   Classification   Chemical composition
Yellow Zircon Zr-Si-Pr
Turquoise Zircon Zr-Si-V
Coral pink Zircon Fe-Si-Zr
Selenium red Zircon Cd-S-Se (Zr-Si)
Cadmium yellow Zircon Cd-S (Zr-Si)
Blue Olivine Co-Si
Cyan Spinel Co-Al
Peacock blue Spinel Co-Cr-Al
Black Spinel Co-Cr-Fe-Mn
Black Spinel Co-Cr-Fe-Mn-Ni
Grey Rutile Sn-Sb
Pink Sphene Cr-Sn
Beige Spinel Fe-Cr-Al-Zn
Red Brown Spinel Fe-Cr-Zn
Dark Brown Spinel Fe-Cr-Zn-Ni
Grass green Corundum Cr-Al
Petrol green Spinel Cr-Co


Many others because Inco has always been known to its clients for the Taylor Made concept, indeed, like tailors do, coloured oxides are custom-made for every single client starting from the main oxides.

Thanks to pilot plants, products are manufactured and tested in the technical conditions of clients (glazes, temperatures, firing cycles) in order to guarantee quality and constancy over time. This way a wide colour gamut is covered with the boast of having achieved the great 3000 shades goal!

Oxide colours by Inco stand out for their high quality:

  • high chromatic intensity;
  • wide colour gamut;
  • low content of salts.

In addition, Inco proposes series of oxide colours with different particle size distributions for ink production in order to fulfill the needs of both expert ink producers and who wants to approach that successfully with limited investments.

  • ICD: pigments for ceramic inks with classic particle size distribution;
  • ICK: pigments for ceramic inks with high particle size distribution;
  • ICO: pigments for ceramic inks with submicronic particle size distribution.





  •   dtypical ceramic ink particle size distribution;
  •   dtypical particle size distribution of an oxide for ceramic inks of the series ICQ Quick Inco;
  •   typical particle size distribution of an oxide for ceramic inks of the series ICD standard Inco;
  •   typical particle size distribution of an oxide for ceramic inks of the series ICK Inco.

It is possible to produce inks starting from each pigment included in this series. Starting from pigments from the Quick series, which have a particle size distribution very close to the one of an ink, will be undoubtedly technically easier to obtain high quality inks. Moreover, starting from pigments from the Quick series, the production of inks will require very limited investments since the grinding time will be limited itself and this will result in a definitely higher production capacity, depending on the plant.

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