IC – Pigments for Glazes

Inco offers a complete range of ceramic pigments glazes composed of over 50 standard pigments, named with the abbreviation IC, for the coloring of engobes, glazes, and crystallines for the ceramic industry and the arts sector. Pigments with high color rendering for all cooking cycles—whether traditional or rapid—for all temperatures, from 800 to 1200 ° C. They have a very narrow, constant and controlled particle size distribution, thanks to sophisticated, technologically advanced equipment with which our production plants are equipped. They are easily dispersible and do not require long grinding.

Strict quality controls throughout the production process guarantee quality and consistency of unmatched tones.

Over 50 pigments that cover a wide chromatic range, sufficient to satisfy most customer needs. However, the IC series is much broader because Inco has always stood by the side of customers in developing if requested, customized shades. For this reason, we boast the important goal of over 3000 shades. We have always tried to create an important value for our customers, so before each shipment, we check, with them, the tone of each lot. Every single lot tested in the customer’s glaze or engobe and in the customer’s firing cycle to ensure a consistent tone and unmatched quality.

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