Antibacterial B.Cliin

B.Cliin is Inco’s silver-based antibacterial solution to tiles with permanent antibacterial properties. By applying B.Cliin to the ceramic surface it is possible to stop from growing.

B.Cliin integrates with the ceramic product and is active throughout a tile’s entire life cycle. It is effective both with and without UV exposure. It is invisible to the human eye and it will not alter the color of the tile.

For the best antibacterial performance, and to ensure a sustainable production process, B.Cliin is applied on the still raw tile as the last application before baking, regardless of the type or baking cycle of the tile itself.

For B.Cliin to be active must not interact with the applied enamel, that is, if not incorporated into the product, but that it remains active on the surface so that the silver ions can be active against any microorganisms in the environment and go to inhibit their vital functions.

We support our customers in the development of the process so that the surfaces of the products guarantee the quality standards necessary for the antibacterial certification of the products.
We are able to evaluate the first industrial prototypes, based on international standards for the determination of antibacterial activity on ceramic surfaces – based on the ISO 22196/11 certification protocol. For the optimization and development of the industrial process, and we accompany our customers towards an official certification of accredited bodies.

Elevate the properties of your tiles from bacteriostatic to antibacterial with B.Cliin: request information to carry out free application tests and evaluate the project!

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