Covering Grits

Pioneers of ceramic decoration, we have chosen a wide range of vitreous grits which can be used to produce ceramic wall tile. Covering tile grits:

  • for double firing temperature cycles between 950 – 1060°C;
  • for white body single firing – with firing cycles between 1110 – 1150°C highly performing, easy to use and that guarantee excellent, unique and durable superficial effects.

We offer different effects, from glossy transparent, matt semi-transparent, glossy white and matt white to conclude with multi-colored lustred effects. These grits can be applied on ceramic supports, printing the sticky ink previously – that guarantees a meticulous adhesive hold on the ceramic surface, synchronized to the general graphic – grits confer light and colour effects, but mainly give tridimensionality.

The digital colour application, combined with a wise digital arrangement of grits, allows us to obtain unique and always reproducible chromatic and volumetric effects. To obtain high quality, accurate and flawless effects, we selected a wide range of grits, each and one of them miscible with the other, with different characteristics, both aesthetic and technical as well.

Available in different particle sizes:

  • from 0.0 to 0.14 mm;

  • from 0.05 to 0.2 mm;

  • .from 0.1 to 0.3 mm;

allow to obtain homogeneity and different structures depending on the different needs.

They are also available in different coefficients of expansion from 58 to 72 to make the application more easy on every ceramic body.
Extremely easy to use, they preserve their characteristics over time, for excellent results.

graniglie da rivestimento colorate

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