ICK – Pigments with HIGH PSD for ceramic inks

The acronym ICK characterizes the family of inorganic pigments for ceramic inks with high particle size distribution. It consists of a wide range of pigments for ceramic inks, with over thirty shades in the catalog, stable crystal structures, high chromatic intensity and completely free from salinity. Without any form of contamination, they guarantee constancy and quality.
Designed for the most experienced operators, they allow immediate savings on the purchase of the raw material for ink production.


High-quality inorganic pigments, with a high granulometric distribution—characterized by an average particle value between 8 and 12 μm and a d 99 between 18 and 24 μm—.

ICK / ink granulometry comparison

They are intended for specialized operators, possessing an important “know-how” on grinding techniques. They aim to obtain ceramic inks of final quality and color rendering equivalent to the inks obtained by grinding the classic pigment for ceramic inks, known as ICD.

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