ICF-Fluidised mixing pigments for ceramic body (dry technique)

Pigments for dry process colouringmix

Abbreviated with ICF, we indicate those pigments that are used for ceramic dry-colouring, which are high-dispersion pigments that act by covering the outer surface of the granules of atomised ceramic mixture.
There are inorganic ceramic pigments with a fine granulometric distribution, treated with specific fluidifying additives that increase their dispersion capacity and adhesion to the surface of the granules of atomised ceramic mixture, avoiding the formulation of lumps and agglomerates of pigment itself. The numerous quality-checks guarantee the same tone and high technical characteristics.

The high intensity that makes them stand out & the perfect adhesion to the surface of the atomised allows us to use a reduced part of the pigment, with an excellent colour rendering.
The pigments for the dry colouring of ceramic bodies allows us to obtain coloured atomised powders even in small lots, instantly prepared without any problems of coloured slurries or different coloured atomised products in large silos.

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