ICP- Dough Body pigments (wet technique)

ICP- Dough Body mixtures pigments (wet technique)

The pigments for the wet process colouring of ceramic mixtures guarantee a very good and uniform colour distribution. With their high stability and consistent colour, they are characterised by the high intensity of the tones.
Inco offers two types of pigments for the wet colouring of the slurries named with the abbreviations ICP and ICL.

They are pigments in powder used to colour the mix with a wet couloring process;
ICP powder pigments can be easily mixed with the slip during grinding to give the desired colour to the mix.
Very fine, easily wettable and dispersable, with high intensity and an unequalled consistency of tone.
Different pigments can also be mixed to obtain the desired tone. It is also possible, to request upon demand the development of a specific shade.
We are talking about liquid ceramic pigments that colour the dough ceramic body through a wet colouring procecess technique.

ICP Liquid pigments are wet and suspended pigments added to the slip, which are easily spread, self-dispersing, without creating clumps or agglomerations.
With a fine granulometric distribution, which can be sufficient to use in small quantity to obtain perfect coloring, thanks to its high color rendering.
The variety of ICL ceramic pigments for ceramic dough has a large range of colors per catalogue: from black to brown, to blue, for orange, beige, red, pink, yellow, turquoise, green.
But like any type of ceramic pigment, Inco offers to its customers the possibility to develop unique-tailored colors, to satisfy any market demand.

Numerous technical quality checks throughout the production cycle, from the selection of raw materials to their mixing, up to their calcination at high temperature and final grinding and mixing, guarantee high quality and consistency over time. Inco’s ceramic pigments do not alter the shrinkage and technical characteristics of the dough ceramic body itself.

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