Precious lustres

The metallic lustres for the decoration of the third fire are organic preparations of different metals with which various colors and effects can be obtained.

They are applied on glazed or glassy substrates that have already undergone other firing cycles, hence the name precisely “lustres for third firing”.
After firing, in an oxidizing atmosphere, the film of a few microns thick takes on a shiny, reflected and metallic appearance that can have different shades, depending on the metal used, allowing to obtain various colors and effects and substantially extending the aesthetic possibilities of the finished product. The typical metallic appearance may exhibit iridescence and tendency to change, more or less —their characteristic is to show its different properties, depending on the light to which they are exposed—.

There are precious lustres in different forms: liquid or paste, depending on the different types of application. With liquid products, it is possible to make manual applications by brush or spray with an airbrush. The most widely used application is screen printing with the dough products. Finally, the firing of the products from the third fire and also the metallic luster requires programming to avoid deformation of the piece due to excessive temperature. Discover the complete range!

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