A special surface treatment of the ceramic piece from a third fire able to make subsequent applications more precise and easier. A Primer designed for the decoration of the third fire – that is of vitreous enamelled supports that have already undergone cooking cycles – capable of temporarily modifying the surface of the support, making it porous.

Depending on the productions, and on the aesthetic effect to be obtained, it is possible to choose between different primers that give different characteristics to the surface:

  • Soft opaque coating;
  • Glossy look.

Thanks to the use of this special treatment—In addition to obtaining surfaces with refined characteristics, incredibly graphically defined, with an important added value—, it is possible to use classic ceramic inkjet inks also for decorating the third fire. The use of classic inkjet inks, a proven, reliable and safe technology, makes it possible to have no problems on the printheads and therefore quality and consistency over time without comparison.

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