ICJ INCO INX – Digital inks for ceramic tiles

The range of Inco Inx digital inks for ceramic tiles Easy series stands out for its performance, ease of use and wide colour gamut able to develop. Easy.

  • Easy because they can be used on all printheads and digital printers on the market.
    Approved in the various circuits.
  • Easy because their extreme lubrification keeps the print heads in excellent quality, even after a long time and use, without the need for maintenance or checks.
  • Easy because of its wide color gamut to obtain the best possible configuration and the best color rendering, in any industrial condition, whether it may be floor or wall, high or low temperature. The wide colorimetric range, of high intensity and composed of over 30 shades, includes different tones and shades of yellow, golden yellow, brown, from the reddest (color)to the darkest (one), pink, cyan, and blue to peacock blue, green, different blacks and different whites.
  • Easy because developed to have the best performance and stability in any environmental and climatic condition, from the icy cold of Russia to the humid heat of India.
    With a very long shelflife, they allow storage in the warehouse even of several months, without altering their chemical-physical properties, and preserving their excellent print quality and color rendering.
  • Easy because extremely compatible with other ceramic applications, they limit the use of additives and leveling agents, facilitating the industrial use and the final quality of the ceramic product.


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