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For several years, the Italian ceramic industry trade associations, in collaboration with the institutions, have been working to provide a shared information framework on the environmental effects associated with the recent technological developments in the sector, in particular, for the use of new ceramic tile digital printing technologies.

Several documents released by these studies highlight all the positive aspects linked to this necessary technological innovation that brings with it many new perspectives for the sector in terms of quality, aesthetic possibilities, but also flexibility of the production lots of ceramic products. However, it is evident that during the cooking phase, sometimes the incomplete combustion of some products can lead to the formation of organic substances with low volatility, sometimes responsible for olfactory discomforts near ceramic factories.

Inco Industria Colori‘s research center has approached this topic for several years —especially for these environmental reasons, and the well-being of the population—but always with special consideration towards the quality of ceramics and the extension of aesthetic possibilities, by users.

Therefore the new series of HIGH SOLID Spring INX HSC inks – High Solid Content was born, as a response on the one hand to environmental sustainability and on the other to ceramic production needs. Spring INX HSC Inks collect innumerable advantages in a single product. Developed with a new generation of solvents, with a low olfactory and environmental impact, with a new generation of pigments, with high chromatic yields, and a new formulation concept that combines these important aspects to guarantee excellent quality-production as always, widen the possibilities aesthetic, ensuring flexibility and continuity.

Attention to the environment, followed by an important technical and qualitative improvement.

This is an evolution of the first Spring series — with a low olfactory and environmental impact — in production for over two years at various excellences of the Italian ceramic district. The new series of SPRING HIGH SOLID HSC inks has collected many positive feedbacks and no objections.

Compared to classic ceramic inks, it guarantees:

  • A reduction in olfactometric discomfort;
  • A reduction of volatile organic substances in the atmosphere;
  • An important improvement of the colorimetric gamut;
  • A reduction in ink consumption;
  • Excellent quality and production precision;
  • Exceptional definition of the graphics, allowing to give more naturalness to the finished product.

In addition, confirming the improvements and the quality of the new series developed, the results of the chemical analyzes of the emission fumes – carried out in different ceramic industrial realities, with different products and baking cycles – highlight a strong reduction in the VOC, the aldehyde content and in particular of the formaldehyde. Results confirmed and also rewarded by the inspection authorities that encourage their use.
Indeed,—according to the guidelines issued by the italian authorities— if an application for a substantial or non-substantial modification of its AIA is to be submitted regarding projects that impact on emissions into the atmosphere, the High Solid Content Inks have an advantage. Indeed, the quantities of series of High Solid inks —due to their reduced organic solvent content— is to be considered for 50% of their value , while the quantities of traditional inks must be taken in full.

Spring INX HSC
Spring INX HSC inks guarantee a high print quality that is maintained and guaranteed overtime thanks to the excellent stability and high product lubrification. Optimal operation on all digital printers on the market.
The new HIGH SOLID INX HSC inks are currently used in various types of production such as coating, flooring, and slabs by important producers, both in the Italian ceramic district and all over the word, to the great satisfaction of both users and those in the vicinity of the plants in question. Inserting the HIGH SOLID INX HSC series in its production cycle means guaranteeing continuity of production, excellent quality, new color possibilities and above all launching a signal of great attention to the environment and the community in which we all live.

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