IDM – Digital ceramic effects

The digital ceramic effects, also called digital ceramic materials, are inks that give the ceramic piece particular aesthetic effects and help the tile manufacturers to produce very rich artifacts with an important technical and aesthetic value. Like colored digital inks, they are applied through digital printers and single-pass drop-on-demand technology to ceramic products. The digital application allows a precision and a synchronism of the various effects to allow infinite customizations and a very high quality of the final product that was unthinkable until recently. The opportunity to expand its range of products and projects with fast and precise digital applications. Combine different products, with various effects, on the same ceramic piece.

The digital ceramic effects sometimes give volume, sometimes light, which contribute to enrich a digital print that can be very precise, but also very flat and unrealistic.

Today we have a new world of possibilities — both technical and aesthetic —, thanks to the digital coordination between relief, glazing, and decoration. Thus ceramic artifacts return to the well-known ceramic material effects before the advent of digital printing.

Reproduction of natural stone or wood has not ever been so real like this before.

Inco offers many material inks to help its customers to confer those pluses and that value for which the tiles can diversify and make themselves wonderfully unique. Inks approved and industrially tested on the main printheads available on the market, both for traditional drains and high drains. Materials that can intertwine and give particular effects, light, material, or volume thanks to the wide range available:

The limit is no longer technical but mental and creative.

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